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LUX is a rewards app that will connect fine diners with hand-picked local restaurants. Customers can discover high quality restaurants and collect reward points for dining at them. Customers can spend their points on a range of luxury rewards or donate them to charity.

  • Introduces a premium rewards scheme to the fine dining market
  • Rewards high spending customers who are overlooked by discount cards
  • Flexible commission for restaurants to utilise spare capacity
  • Restaurants already started signing up
Information 27/06/16 - In order to conclude discussions with a number of named investors LUX Rewards have been granted an extension of 14 additional days, now expiring at midnight on the 14th July.


LUX aims to flip the restaurant discount model on its head, by creating a luxury offering that incentivises higher spending customers to dine at featured restaurants. Our aim is to make fine dining a more pleasant and rewarding experience.

Dine with the LUX app and you could redeem points to drive a Ferrari, relax at a spa day or drink champagne at the top of The Shard. LUX also enables diners to donate their points to local charities.

We have developed benefits for the three elements of our market:

1. Customers: Find restaurants on the free mobile app. Collect reward points when they spend at restaurants. Spend these points on luxury rewards from Red Letter Days or donate to charities

2. Restaurants: Targeting affluent consumers means that we have potential to drive higher spending customers through restaurant doors, and the points system incentivises them to keep coming back. Flexible commission for restaurants to utilise spare capacity

3. Companies: Completely free benefit for staff. In exchange for promoting LUX to their employees, LUX donates a percentage of earnings to a charity of the companies’ choice.

The first restaurants have started to sign up to LUX’s app, which is scalable, robust and responsive. Feedback from potential customers and restaurants has been positive, and we believe that this investment can lead to rapid growth.

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