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Founded in 2014, Love2Laundry is a digital laundry and dry-cleaning delivery service that has grown to over 5,000 members and already covers 58% of London. Through their app and website, the business has received over 35,000 orders to date and has grown by 100% year on year.

  • Profitable every year since incorporation from only £20k investment
  • Plans to cover 90% of London by the end of 2017
  • Already partnering with residential blocks and convenience stores
  • Operating in a market worth £1b in the UK alone.


Love2Laundry is a laundry and dry-cleaning delivery service that solves the chore of cleaning clothes with a single click. Founded in 2014, we have grown to over 5,000 members and cover 58% of London locations. The average urbanite spends 10 hours per month doing laundry - time that we want to give back to them.

Scheduled from our simple app and website: we collect, clean, fold, and return our customers' laundry - all within 24 hours. Our software automates the entire logistics chain, and it is this efficiency which allows us to stay price competitive - our prices start at £1.65 / kg of laundry.

The UK laundry sector, including dry cleaning and other cleaning services, is worth around £1 billion, and between 2011 and 2016, the market grew by 0.7% annually. Mobile commerce is growing at around 25% year-on-year, and it is this trend that we have so far capitalised on.

We work with a simple goal in mind, to make it easy for all Londoners to get their dry-cleaning and laundry done by offering convenient and affordable services.

Current Traction

* 5,000 Members and growing

* 35,000 orders and growing

* Turned a profit every year

* Washed 120,000 kgs of laundry

* Dry-cleaned 300,000 items

* 70,000 carbon emission free miles driven by our eco friendly delivery vans

* Installation of laundry lockers in several large developments and partnership agreements with the concierges

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