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Loose Ends App
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Loose Ends is a new app designed to help people get together effortlessly. 60% of Britons want to socialise more often, but organising nights out can be complicated: many planned meetups never happen. Loose Ends is a one-stop social solution, targeting a market worth £60bn per annum in the UK alone.

  • We make organising social events with friends easy and fun
  • Great for users, unlocks unutilised capacity for leisure operators
  • In-app bookings and reservations tap into an industry worth £60bn
  • Projected User number of 9m by mid-2022


Loose Ends aims to make getting together with friends effortless.

At Loose Ends, we feel that there is a need for our single effortless solution for friends to make plans. When ready to socialise, users can either create events called ‘Loose Ends’, or join in with their friends’ listings. For those who can’t decide where to meet, the ‘Inspire’ feature suggests thousands of venues. Working with the likes of restaurateurs and bar owners, Loose Ends can also provide offers to help fill underutilised venues.

Loose Ends already exists in, what we believe, is an attractive, user-friendly form. Since 2016 we’ve been building an organic user base and testing the core features of our app. We feel that we’re now ready to drive increased engagement and new users. Our marketing strategy will be centred around engaging with vendors who can supply offers to our users and securing users for the app that can create ‘Loose Ends’ and then take advantage of those offers. We are aiming for exponential growth via a ‘network effect’ due to the inherently sharable nature of our app.

We have been featured in the Daily Mirror and Huffington Post. PA Life magazine recently called Loose Ends “a great way to get people together quickly”. In February 2017, online magazine The Debrief mentioned Loose Ends as an essential ingredient in organizing a "non-lame Valentine’s day".

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