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Successfully funded
London Doctors Clinic
Pre-money valuation

London Doctors Clinic provides access to general practice consultations starting at £55 per session. Since launching in 2015, the company has expanded to 6 central London clinics and treated over 3,000 patients & is backed by private equity firm, Oakfield Capital.

  • Raised over £800k on Crowdcube in August 2016
  • Recently launched clinics in Paddington, Fleet street & Canary Wharf
  • In 2016, LDC processed 11,764 paid-for-appointments (patients)
  • The business continues to grow with 6,697 patients in Q1 2017
Information This is a private pre-emption pitch open to the company's existing investors only. It is therefore not necessary for Crowdcube to approve this pitch as a financial promotion. As Crowdcube has not carried out any due diligence on this pitch, the Due Diligence Charter does not apply. Investors should carry out their own due diligence and take professional advice where necessary. Investors who choose to participate in this funding round will be charged a carry of 20%. Please refer to the ' Articles of Association - Summary Changes' document and the Revised Articles of Association of the Company for further details.


Since raising circa £800k on the Crowdcube platform in August 2016, London Doctors Clinic (LDC) went on to open three new clinics. In October, a clinic opened at Westferry Circus (Canary Wharf). In November, a clinic was launched on the corner of Fleet Street and Farringdon Street. In March, a clinic opened at Eastbourne Terrace near the Paddington train station. LDC also expanded its existing clinic in Soho Square taking the total clinics in the group to nine.

In 2016, LDC processed 11,764 paid-for-appointments (patients) and it generated revenue of circa £1.1m, which was in line with budget. The business continues to grow with 6,697 patients treated in Q1 2017. In this period, the Company generated revenue of almost £0.7m exceeding the budget and incurred an operating loss of around £(0.2)m. Of the nine clinics, five made a positive contribution.

To capitalize on the Company’s success so far, the Board has decided to expand the clinic footprint to 20 locations in London over the next three years in order to cement its lead in rolling out affordable GP care in London.

LDC is seeking to raise £2m with strong support from existing investors. The funds will be used to open new clinics, hire new staff and gradually move the clinics to leased premises.

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London Doctors Clinic

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