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Launched in late 2013 and based in Barcelona and Madrid, LoanBook is Spain’s leading marketplace lending platform, offering working capital loans of up to €200k to Spanish SMEs. With near a 40% market share, LoanBook has lent nearly €40m to date and has doubled its volumes in each of the last 3 years.

  • Spanish incorporated company with offices in Barcelona and Madrid
  • 20 multidisciplinary professionals with investment and finance focus
  • Backed by local Angels and Family Offices in multiple equity rounds
  • Institutional investors are increasingly active as lenders
Information Loanbook has received £340,000 of investment from current shareholders, local Business Angels and Family Offices. This investment is included in the progress bar.


We are Spain’s largest marketplace lending platform, with a 4-year track record of working capital lending to Spanish SMEs and ~40% market share.

The SME finance market in Spain is large, with over €10bn/month lent to Spanish SMEs. Well over 90% of this lending comes from Spanish banks, which have not yet recovered from the global financial crisis and are suffering from a failure to modernise in the years prior to the crisis. They are weighed down by unwieldy infrastructure, legacy systems, regulatory change and an outdated culture; and are more focused on repairing their balance sheets and restoring profitability, than on providing a high-quality service to their customers.

We have chosen to focus on short-term working capital loans (typically 3-12 months) as this is the product SMEs most value. It’s where we see the best risk/return for our investors – who also value the liquidity which S/T lending offers – and because the business processes involved in S/T lending can be almost entirely automated, allowing us to drive down costs and scale our business efficiently.

We have financed ~€40m of loans since launch and have doubled our volumes in each of the last 3 years,whilst achieving annual net returns of 5%+ for the investors. We have every confidence in maintaining that growth and performance in the future.

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