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Little Earth Baby
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Eco brand Little Earth Baby has the health of babies & planet at its core. They redesign synthetic products to create high-quality alternatives made from plants not plastic. With patent-pending designs & a growing loyal customer base they are well placed to serve rising eco-conscious consumer trends.

  • Appeared in the Telegraph's recommendations for Meghan & Harry's royal baby
  • 88% of UK consumers now consider environment and health when buying
  • Finalists in the Sleeping Bag category at the Australian non-toxic awards
  • UK baby market is valued at an estimated £10bn


Chemicals and synthetic materials in our lives are at an all-time high. It is now widely thought that there is a strong connection between the rise in allergies, autism and chronic disease with products in our homes. Since 1950 over 80,000 new chemicals have been invented and many of these are used in mainstream baby products. Less than 1% have been tested for their safety to human health and their environmental impact is damaging.

The global baby product market is worth around $158bn, £10bn in the UK alone, with 88% of consumers estimated to make shopping decisions around factors such as sustainability, health and fabrics.

Since launching in September 2018, Little Earth Baby has been creating awareness around these issues alongside providing natural and non-toxic alternatives. We have developed a range of products, many of which could not previously be found on the market in a totally natural, synthetic-free, form. We sell mainly online and with a few select retailers.

Customer feedback has been strong with 9 5* Google Review ratings. Brand momentum has been growing consistently with web traffic increasing 219% since launch to 2,118 users in November 19. We've been featured by over 20 publications and influencers and appeared in the Telegraph's brand recommendations for Meghan and Harry's royal baby.

We aim to become a market leader in the eco baby space in the UK and globally.

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Little Earth Baby

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