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Life Length is the leading company in the field of telomere diagnostics and analyses worldwide. During the past two years, we have carried out major clinical studies for improved cancer diagnosis and prognosis. Now we plan to launch these services to improve patient care quality.

  • Since 2011 providing telomere testing services in over 35 countries
  • More than 6,000 samples collected in our oncology study
  • Developing a new diagnostic test in prostate cancer
  • Hundreds of thousands of unnecessary biopsies potentially spared


Over one million unnecessary prostate biopsies are performed yearly in healthy patients due to the lack of accurate screening tests. These biopsies are invasive, expensive and risky, with physical and emotional consequences.

There is an unmet medical need for new biomarkers for prostate cancer screening that can avoid these unnecessary biopsies. Worldwide stats show that about 65% of biopsied patients do not have cancer.

ProsTAV is our sophisticated prostate cancer risk score test that we have developed with our proprietary technology thanks to a clinical study involving 1,200 prostate biopsied patients. Combined with the current screening methodology, this simple blood test can save hundreds of thousands of men each year from unnecessary biopsies, surgeries and needless complications.

Our new test, less expensive and invasive than a biopsy, could save up to 50% of these unnecessary biopsies. It is a huge market with an estimated 6 million cases worldwide. In the UK, it is one of the most frequently diagnosed cancers (over 50,000 annually).

We are the world leader in telomere measurement and we are now combining our Telomere Associated Variables with the current standard of care in cancer. Our technology is the only one commercially available in the world able to extract these variables.

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