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L'Estrange London
Pre-money valuation

L’Estrange wants to redefine menswear, designing a modular clothing system that saves men time and hassle. The company has seen a 2.4x increase in direct to customer sales in the past year. Capturing growth in the +£3bn Premium Lifestyle market growing at £200m/y, menswear is fastest growth segment.

  • 2.4x increase in direct-to-consumer sales in the last year
  • Previously global stores: Saks 5th Ave (USA), Colette (FR), Isetan (JP)
  • +£3bn UK Premium Lifestyle Market, Menswear fastest growth segment
  • Press Vogue, GQ, Esquire, The Times named "the new smart-casual"


L’Estrange London wants to redefine modern menswear with their modular clothing system that saves men time and hassle. Built for comfort, style and longevity, our versatile essentials are designed to be worn together in any combination and in any setting. Fewer items, fewer decisions and more time to focus on the important things in your life.

L’Estrange has been stocked in over 30 of the most renowned stores around the world from Saks' 5th Ave in NYC to Isetan in Tokyo. But we came to see the traditional fashion model as broken - high retail markups, discounting and seasonal cycles promoting overconsumption. In 2017 we cut out retailers to sell 100% direct to our customers - no more retailer markups, increased control over design and a deeper relationship with our community.

Since then we’ve raised £250k from experienced investors, doubled our conversion via a new website, opened 2 successful pop-ups, made key hires and seen over 140% YoY growth on direct to consumer revenue (EBITDA -£244K), and over £80K in Q4 at 2.9x the previous year (EBITDA -£33K). That’s 4x as many new customers in the same period.

We’re raising funds to scale growth through proven online marketing, new product development, hire freelancers full time and expand our successful pop-up series to reach new audiences.

Help us create the future of menswear - With Less, Do More.

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L'Estrange London

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