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Keen Home
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US-based Keen Home develops connected devices to enhance a home’s core functions—starting with smart heating & cooling. Keen’s first 30K units were sold out within 10 months and the company garnered immense exposure through the popular TV show Shark Tank. See Offering Circular -

  • Have sold 35,800+ Smart Vents and grossed $2.6M+ in sales to date
  • $6.4B immediately addressable market opportunity
  • $4.4M+ raised in previous financings from multiple early-stage VCs
  • Partners include Google Nest, Samsung SmartThings, Best Buy, Lowe’s
Information Dual crowdfunding round with SeedInvest raising finance for the United States based company, Keen Home, Inc. The progress bar above includes £2,812,680 investment via Seedinvest. Investments are for equity in this US based company and investors agree to the Offering Circular and Subscription Agreement in the documents section below - - Investors make representations and warranties to Keen Home Inc. under the Subscription Agreement. See the Investment FAQ's and Legal Explanation Document for more details including exchange rate explanation.


Keen Home develops proactive hardware and software products to protect and enhance a home's core systems. The company focuses on innovating in largely overlooked, yet critical areas of the home to provide homeowners with increased comfort, improved efficiency, and a better maintained home.

Keen Home’s first product, the patented Smart Vent System, controls a home's heating and cooling airflow on a room-by-room level, which studies show results in improved comfort and efficiency. The product originally launched in Nov. ‘15, with the first 30K units selling out within 10 months of launch. Smart Vents are now distributed in 500+ Lowe’s and 100+ Best Buy stores through the US and Canada (in addition to online sales). Keen Home is also expanding distribution through pro installers and homebuilders.

In 2016, Keen Home launched the Smart Filter product extension. Smart Filters monitor their health in real-time, are specially designed for high airflow, and allow whole-home air purification without the noise, cost, and limitations of stand-alone purifiers. Replacement filters can be fulfilled through an auto replacement program called Keen Air Care.

Keen Home has strategic partnerships with Google’s Nest and Samsung’s SmartThings, are integrated with Ecobee's smart thermostat, and received one of the highest valued offers in the history of ABC’s Shark Tank during their 2015 TV appearance.

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Keen Home

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