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Jewellery Discovery
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Jewellery Discovery is a new online marketplace for luxury jewellery and watches, specialising in antique and vintage jewellery. The company makes a great selection of one of a kind pieces available online, with the authenticity of each piece checked by its specialists.

  • 55,000+ followers on Instagram
  • Prices range from £200- £475,000
  • Served high-net-worth clients including Member of Parliament
  • Over 2,200 items listed


The estimated annual value of the global jewellery market is $348.5bn, but we've found that most rare and antique jewellery is not available to purchase online.

Jewellery Discovery aims to bring these past treasures to the present day as a trustworthy online retail marketplace, showcasing the finest antique jewellery and watches. We work and sell for specialised antique dealers and jewellers across Europe. We are helping the jewellery community grow and get online.

Founded in 2017 by Emma Reeves, a qualified gemmologist and registered valuer with excellent connections in the jewellery trade, we control, authenticate and upload all items to the Jewellery Discovery website. We charge the jeweller a commission ranging from 10% to 30% on items sold via our website.

We broke-even in our first year (£69,270 revenue as of March 2018, £531 profit), with an average sale price of £4,000. We currently have over 2,000 rare and unique pieces available on Jewellery Discovery and have raised awareness via Instagram, attracting 55,000 followers. We have now sold to more than 16 countries, with USA and UK as our top locations.

The value of vintage jewellery is increasing quicker than house prices, rising 80% in the last decade.

We seek to drive a marketing campaign and expand our team, making Jewellery Discovery more visible to consumers.

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Jewellery Discovery

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