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Jeeni is an artist development platform, dedicated to boosting new talent and established artists alike, by monetising their fans ethically, and is raising funds to launch its online platform. Music streaming is hugely profitable and set to attract over 200 million paying subscribers in 2019.

  • Jeeni aspires to be part of the most profitable media entertainment sector.
  • Team Jeeni has an extensive record of achievement in music and media.
  • The Jeeni business model will benefit from multiple revenue streams.
  • Founder has a background in the music and entertainment industry


Streaming services are the most profitable entertainment media ever, with billion-dollar revenues for companies who not only own the content but also distribute it to their subscribers. The market is projected to reach over 200 million paying subscribers to streamed music services this year.

Jeeni aims to generate new revenue streams for undiscovered talent and established world-class artists alike. Unlike most competitors, we plan to offer an ethical deal for artists. There will be five revenue streams operating in parallel. These include subscription-based memberships, payments for artist fanbases, payments for artist showcases, ticketing to masterclasses & online concerts and the direct sale of services and merchandise to fans.

Jeeni plans to feature celebrity awards and tie-ins for credibility and excitement, and our service will include self-selecting popular choices based on global votes from real people, plus a ready-made marketplace of successful artists with their own networks for the sale of digital formats, live-stream events and special edition packages.

The funds raised will be used to develop our prototype platform and to outreach to additional artists and music fans. An over-raise will be used to accelerate the roll-out schedule to the benefit of artists and investors alike.

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