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Ingle & Rhode
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Ingle & Rhode offers certified Fairtrade and conflict-free fine jewellery direct to the consumer. Revenues last year were over £1.1m. The company is profitable and growing (P&L £116k). Now raising investment on Crowdcube to significantly increase its marketing resources and accelerate its growth.

  • The UK market for fine jewellery is worth more than £3 billion
  • Demand for ethical fine jewellery is growing
  • Ingle & Rhode turns over £1.1m, is profitable, and is growing
  • Finalists in the 2015, 2016 and 2017 UK Jewellery Awards.


Human and environmental exploitation are rife within the jewellery industry, including conflict diamonds, child labour, and environmental destruction. Ingle & Rhode addresses these problems by making fine jewellery (principally engagement rings and wedding rings) using certified Fairtrade gold, recycled platinum, and conflict-free traceable diamonds and gemstones. All of their jewellery is made in the UK.

The UK fine jewellery market is worth over £3 billion. Fairtrade gold launched in 2011 and volumes grew 440% in 2015. The millennial generation is reaching the age to get engaged and married, a generation more likely than its predecessors to allow ethical considerations to drive its purchasing decisions:

"Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of ethical and social responsibility issues around fine jewellery, especially in relation to the mining of diamonds, other precious stones, and precious metals." Euromonitor, 2016

"91% of Millennials would switch brands to one associated with a positive cause." Cone Communications, 2015

"73% of Millennials are willing to pay more for sustainable brands." Nielsen, 2015

Ingle & Rhode sells directly to these consumer from premises in central London, through a lean ‘clicks and mortar’ business model. This round of funding is focused on increasing our marketing spend, and enhancements to the website to improve conversion rates.

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Ingle & Rhode

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