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Influencer connects brands with famous individuals on social media, working with famous individuals (Influencers) to generate a buzz organically for brands. The founder was shortlisted for the Virgin Media Business “VOOM 2016” competition and winner of Young Start Up Talent 2016.

  • ‘Big Name’ Influencers signed, including Ronaldinho & Oliver Proudlock
  • Already used by brands such as Uber, Happn and Juice
  • Tailored for both micro-Influencers and celebrities
  • Brands, products, and services pay monthly subscription to Influencer


Influencer connects brands with famous individuals on social media.

As the world has shifted to become increasingly social media centric, consumers look at fellow consumers via social media to inform their purchasing decisions. Specifically, their favourite personalities, who are consolidating over 10,000 followers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. For these reasons, we believe influencer marketing to be the next big thing in advertising.

The opportunity exists for Influencer to positions itself as:

1. A creative agency wanting to build a tech solution to help brands to optimize their social media marketing campaigns, using the power of Influencers.

2. An affordable marketing solution for brands with small budgets, as well as with high spending brands with large marketing budgets.

Through the development of a new web application, we believe we will have the capacity to work with 100x more Influencers as we will be able to manage our Influencers through a more efficient CRM system. An increased database of Influencers will provide greater variety and choice for brands as to who they use to promote themselves. We believe this will further increase the value of our service.

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