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Imployable seeks to disrupt the recruitment industry with its free, truly user focused employment tool, helping individuals to identify, map & track their way in to a career. We believe in a world where everyone no matter their age, background, ability or disability can be truly fulfilled in work.

  • 10,000 app downloads since launch
  • NatWest Great British Entrepreneurial Spirit of the Year Winners
  • Promoted to candidates by the Department for Work & Pensions, MoJ
  • 100+ clients already including Sodexo, Sir Robert McAlpine & Serco


Many people are lost, at all stages in life there are problems with work place mental health and a complete lack of direction. We are a true user-centric, end to end career identification and management tool that is built solely around people. We believe that most recruitment platforms are made with business in mind. They create new ways of providing more power to employers whilst charging as much as they can for maximum revenue. As a result, the status quo can be unsustainable and unfair to ordinary people.

Imployable exists to shift the tide, we have created a completely free to use app that allows people to go on a journey of self discovery and take control of their future. Imployable allows people to build a digital CV that is used to show them how they fit compared to potential careers and live job opportunities.

Along with building a digital CV (with an aim of superseding CV's) the users can undertake free, in app personality profiling, the app shows them how their personality fits compared to job opportunities and potential careers. We want to help people discover careers they never thought possible, attainable or accessible and help them get there.

Although our focus is mainly on individuals, we have far from neglected businesses. We have developed a web system for businesses to handle their recruitment, fill training courses, find volunteers and access apprenticeships

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