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ImpactRI Limited
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QIARK facilitates individuals, groups, companies, experts and non-experts at any-scale, to provide insights to any question: social, governmental, research, commercial, risk assessment, and more, providing instant, real-time analytics for data specialists and Citizen Data Analysts alike.

  • QIARK collects, evaluates and analyses in any language without setup.
  • The Business Intelligence Market alone will be worth $26.88bn by 2021.
  • QIARK has been selected for Denmark's Participatory Democracy Project
  • QIARK is addressing the needs of Citizen data scientists and experts


The QIARK system is a SaaS technology based on three license models for individual use, smaller businesses, and a full unlimited enterprise version, all providing natural language processing, AI and ML in any language.

Its patent pending technology provides a high-speed accurate process for understanding semantics at any scale, without any set-up or pre-programming bringing people together - easily and cost-effectively, in a way that maximises the human capital locked into the knowledge and experience of both experts and stakeholders at every level.

QIARK has a wide range of addressable markets with Business Intelligence close to $27bn and Market Research $45bn, being illustrative.

The Company has been developing its technology for the past 4 years, and produced the enterprise version in 2018 following a successful Crowdcube Raise. We have engaged in a number of Industrial Research projects, including trials with InnovateUK, St John Ambulance, the Future Food Innovation Programme and most recently the Copenhagen Business School, Collective Intelligence Unit.

Having been successful in them, we have been selected by the Slagelse Municipality and CBS to provide their 77,000 residents with the tools and processes needed for their Participatory Democracy Project, for the next 3 years.

In the UK we are also working with our first Financial Services business

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