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Impact Marathon Series
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Unleashing the power of running: Impact Marathons take runners to live & race in unique locations, from Nepal to Malawi, Kenya to Guatemala. The combination of travel, social engagement & running has now raised over $800k for grassroots organisations in their first 6 races. Certified B-Corporation.

  • 286 Impact Runners have run in 6 Impact Marathons on 3 Continents
  • Over $800k raised for charities, both locally owned and international
  • 42km, 21km, 10km race options available; inspire local runners to join
  • 93.75% of Impact Runners would run another, and 100% would recommend


We use running and business to support the UN Global Goals. Each race takes on 2 of the Global Goals that are important to the community. We take runners out to visit and see what these goals look like in a tangible, relatable form. Over the course of one week, we live together, physically work with the charities the money supports and, on the final day, we all run 10km, 21km or 42km on trail, in nature. Together.

We have a simple business model - each Impact Runner pays for the week-long experience as they would any travel operator, we provide the food, accommodation, transfers, itinerary, project work and we price in a margin to make it sustainable. We then try to ensure that every Impact Runner fundraises, and all of this money goes directly to the grassroots organisations in the countries we work. More races, more Impact Runners, leads to the sustainable business model that means more money is fundraised to support our beneficiaries round the globe.

In 3 years we have produced 6 races on 3 continents, with almost 300 Impact Runners joining our community. We have two main streams of revenue - our flagship Impact Marathons and our White-Label offering where charities and corporates hire our knowledge and expertise to put together an event in their name.

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Impact Marathon Series

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