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Immersionn™ is a Virtual Reality discovery engine for immersive content. With fast speeds and low latency, we believe 5G networks are the perfect go to market vehicle for Immersionn. Our platform for subscribers and VR content creators will be accessible via smartphones, virtual reality headsets and laptops.

  • Initial discussions with Vodafone and Huawei
  • Founder & team with 20 years in the Telco sector, member of UK5G
  • Media partners include Euronews, Dagens Nyheter and we publish TF1 content
  • Streaming VR is a perfect 5G use case / 242M 5G users in Europe 2025


Immersionn™ is a content discovery engine for Virtual Reality. Our platform for subscribers and VR content creators, will be accessible via smartphones, VR headsets and laptops and we aim to launch it before the year-end.

Why 5G?

With fast speeds and low latency, 5G networks will seek to provide an opportunity to stream VR content at fast speeds instead of downloading it to deliver dynamic user experiences in 3D. Immersionn™ utilises WebVR and is placed to capitalise on the growth of the 5G networks.

Immersionn has the potential to work globally with 5G Telco operators and other vertical markets (e.g Transport, Mobile OEMs) that benefit from proposing Immersionn’s offering to their customers. Immersionn’s founder is a member of the UK5G Creative Industries working group, supporting the acceleration of the immersive sector adoption of 5G.

Globally, 5G subscriptions are expected to reach 1.5bn by 2024 of which 242 million subscriptions in Europe. Telco Operators are looking to launch more advanced 5G based services around AR/VR other services based on real-time 5G IoT analytics.

Immersionn was the chosen application for the launch of Huawei 5G/IoT showroom in Rome in October 2019. We have also tested Immersionn at the BT labs.

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