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iHaveit was launched in June 2018 and is a Physical Music Collecting and Trading platform, providing a one-stop place for music lovers to buy, sell, collect and value vinyl records and CDs. We are tapping into the $US1billion vinyl market with strong growth - USA growth 19.2% and UK 13.6% in 2018

  • 97,000+ visitors reviewing over 1.6million items since the June launch
  • Hundreds of users / stores worldwide selling 650,000+ items
  • Providing a scalable, global e-Retail 'low cost to grow' platform
  • Experienced management team covering Sales, Technology & Industry


iHaveit provides a one-stop place for users to collect, buy, sell and value Vinyl Records, CD's and Cassette Tapes, similar to the way Expedia unified a single place for e-Retail Travel shopping.

Vinyl has become really trendy again, with a lot of excitement in the iHaveit platform. Over 100,000 visits to iHaveit viewing over 1.6million items in iHaveit since launching in June 2018, with over 18,500 social media followers, which is growing daily.

Vinyl records worth over $US1biliion were purchased in 2017 via Amazon, eBay, Discogs, 7,500+ record stores, Facebook Marketplace groups, charity/thrift shops and many other trading channels. Our goal is to connect as many of these as possible over the next 3 years.

iHaveit is free to use. Our revenue is generated by charging sellers a 6% sales commission for pre-owned records and CD's sold on the platform, with revenue planned from advertising and marketing from 2019.

Leading Music Distribution Partners such as Proper Music and Gardners have partnerships with iHaveit, enabling the platform to sell both pre-owned and new music.

The platform has gained press attention from newspapers and music magazines

We believe the hard work is behind us and that we have a substantial saleable platform with thousands of views weekly, with customers joining daily that are adding, selling and buying music. We hope you can be part of the journey with us.

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