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Igloo Crowd
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Igloo Crowd is an online real estate marketplace that enables everyone to invest in property. Since launching in Jan 2018, we have a growing network of over 300 registered investors with an average investment of £11,700. Operating in an industry worth $3.2 trillion, we are now raising to fund growth.

  • Average property investment over £11,700
  • Operating in a $3.2 trillion market
  • Equity crowdfunding grew by 22% in 2017 to £333m
  • Fastest fundraise was in less than 24hrs


Igloo Crowd is a proptech startup that was borne out of the frustration of the traditional property investment model. This typically causes inequality for millions of people and makes property ownership an impossible dream!

We make property investment accessible for all:

- without long term debt

- by removing barriers of entry

- creating affordable entry points

- mitigating risk

We offer a diverse selection of property investment opportunities through our online crowdfunding platform, providing a total hands-off solution to investors. Since launching in January 2018, we have over 300 registered investors growing by 335% in Q3 2019, compared to the previous quarter. Our average investment is £11,700 which we believe to be among the highest in the market. Our assets under management are over £300,000 and our fastest raise was within 24hrs.

Globally, the crowdfunding market is estimated to have reached $145.29bn by the end of 2015 and currently, AUM of real estate has reached over $3.2 trillion.

We have shown traction in our model and successfully funded properties. Currently, our platform is white-labelled and that is why we are partnering with a market-leading tech company to develop our own robust, scalable tech.

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Igloo Crowd

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