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Hungry Tomato
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Hungry Tomato is a profitable children’s educational publisher that has created over 170 successful soft-learning titles, enjoying worldwide appeal with over 700 title licenses sold. Over £600,000 has been spent on creating the content which is wholly owned by Hungry Tomato.

  • 700+ title licenses, in 19 different languages, sold across the world
  • EBITDA positive for last 2 yrs - turnover £361,107 EBITDA £98,135 (27%), Dec '18
  • HT is an established brand, with proven sales in North America
  • Expanding the business in the USA, the world’s largest market


There is recognition worldwide that reading is a key part of a child’s education. The global market is looking for books that both encourage children to read and engage them in new information. We believe that non-fiction children’s books are in high demand with a growing audience of fact hungry kids to satisfy.

Hungry Tomato creates fun and informative illustrated non-fiction children’s books that stand out, which we call ‘soft-learning’. It wholly owns the intellectual property.

The business has a mix of global income streams from publishing its own UK editions to licensing its content and titles to foreign language publishers across the world.

The global book market is valued at $143bn. The US is the world’s largest market, accounting for 29% of global sales, where the children’s industry is thriving with 233 million books sold in 2017.

In North America, all of the books have been licensed to one of the largest independent children’s publishers. This model is changing from Autumn 2019, where new titles will be sold and distributed direct to the educational and retail markets. Sales and distribution contracts are in place, and by dealing directly, the company will benefit from 100% of the net revenue, instead of the 5% of gross revenue it currently secures from licensing.

HT is coming to the crowd to help accelerate growth with the launch in the US and to expand the product range.

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Hungry Tomato

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