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Hoptroff London
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Traceable Time as a Service (TTaaS®) corrects and verifies inaccurate server clocks to microsecond accuracy so timestamp records of computer transactions are trustworthy, helping electronic deals execute, reducing fraud, regulatory risk and the cost of business for Financial Services and Media.

  • Growing global pipeline lined up by BT Radianz and other partners
  • Patent pending AI software delivers full MIFID II and designed to be compliant  with CAT regulations
  • SaaS solution designed to be compliant with new SMPTE standards
  • Building our presence in the US - our largest potential market


Hoptroff TTaaS® software is a one-stop-shop service, simple to onboard, flexible to scale and cost-effective vs. what we think are difficult-to-manage, hardware-based solutions. It can potentially deliver additional overhead savings to large, multi-region customers.

Our timefeed, set by atomic clock hubs in London, New York and Tokyo, is validated by the RISE Institute of Sweden for resiliency and traceability. Our low-latency fibre network partners BT Radianz (BTR) and BSO deliver this feed to data centres all over the world, where our software corrects server clocks to the global standard Universal Time and verifies their performance.

Building on our successful Crowdcube raise, TTaaS® is established as a hassle-free compliance solution for financial services under MIFID II and CAT regulations. In the Media sector, TTaaS® designed to meet new global standards set by the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers (SMPTE) for Internet Protocol (IP) distribution, enabling broadcasters worldwide to dramatically cut operating costs.

We are fundraising with clear goals:

• Invest in PoC trials for the growing pipeline of potential global customers introduced by our partners

• Transition from annual up-front fees to monthly payments with BTR

• Invest in launching our IP Media service

• Expand presence in USA, with an estimated fintech and mediatech market together worth $30bn

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Hoptroff London

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