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Successfully funded
Hop King Brewery
Pre-money valuation

Hop King is a dual Beer and Skateboard brand. Aiming to produce accessible, delicious beer in the confusing world of craft, they have received more than 20,000 social media likes and now seek to create a London HQ with a difference.

  • 20,000 likes across social media
  • Pro Skate team
  • More than 150,000 video content views across numerous sites
  • 13,000 pints of Hop King Pale Ale sold
Information The company had £80,000 of its SEIS allowance remaining at the start of this raise. This will be allocated to investors on a first come first served basis. Any investments made after that limit has been exceeded will not be SEIS eligible but will potentially be eligible for EIS. The potential tax relief of any investment will be confirmed by email to investors, after they have submitted their applications to invest, and will depend on an investor's individual circumstances.


Hop King are striving to be the UK’s go-to dual beer and skateboard brand, producing accessible, delicious beer in the confusing world of craft. The Hop King pale ale is produced to be an easy drinking and unpretentious beer, that tries to bridge the gap between a mainstream lager and an over-hopped craft ale.

With such a competitive market, we knew that Hop King needed to stand for much more than just good beer, which is why Hop King is also a Skateboard brand. We wanted to create a brand that, before anything, was cool! We have designed and produced a clothing range, skateboard decks, and have an official Hop King Skate Team with 3 pros and 4 amateurs. Both the beer and skateboard elements act as USPs for each other and we hope for this alignment to give the beer an edge that is required in such a competitive marketplace, as well as provide great content for a social media-focused business.

We want to create a London HQ with a difference - The HOP KINGDOM; a Warehouse/Office/Taproom/Skatepark/Events space that will be a hub of awesomeness in London. This space will not only allow us a place to work from and store stock, but it will be a place of collaboration, creation, and inspiration as well as a revenue generator for us.

We strive to have a lean business model with few overheads, allowing for flexibility and growth both domestically and internationally.

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Hop King Brewery

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