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Goodbye swiping. Hello Honeypot, the new location based dating app that brings back fun & spontaneity. Check in & meet singles instantly, with over 50 planned honeypots in London & 40 Universities. Join us on our mission to make dating exciting again with Honeypot, & tap into a multi-bn £ sector.

  • Launching with 50 Honeypot areas in London & at 40 UK universities
  • Check-in to Honeypots and meet new people instantly
  • Opportunity to differentiate in the $3bn global dating market
  • Launching in London soon. Then the US, Barcelona and Paris in 2019
Information The company has already received and may spend £67,500, which is reflected on the pitch progress bar.


Honeypot is the new location-based dating app that connects singles in person.

Born out of the sheer frustration from current dating apps which rely too heavily on swiping, & matchmaking that can be a long & arduous interview process.

Our mission is to make dating exciting again, where meeting other singles becomes part of everyday life.

We want to bring back the excitement of approaching someone new, the butterflies, the spark, and with the helping hand of a location-based app.

Join us and invest in Honeypot, the evolution of dating, where singles meet face to face with fun & spontaneity.

Over 5000 singles joined our Instagram app this year. We’ll use your investment to develop our mobile apps and create over 50 honeypots in London & at 40 University campuses ready for Valentine’s Day 2019.

We're pioneering real-time environments for singles to thrive & meet through face to face interaction. By checking in, they will be able to see who else is checked in & arrange a meet up there & then even if it's just a quick hello.

Revenues will be generated from in-app purchases of messaging & alerts, premium version with unlimited access & advertising from venues & businesses.

We feel that there’s a huge growth opportunity to tap into global dating revenues by creating Honeypots in major cities in Europe and the US. We're already planning to launch in Barcelona & New York during our first year.

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To see the rest of the Honeypot pitch, join now.
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