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Helm Tickets
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Helm Tickets is a growing all-in-one event management platform, making ticketing easier through constant evolution and simplicity. We’ve generated over £1.48 million in GMV in the last 18 months. Average 164 events created p/m. Now, we’re raising to continue building on international traction.

  • 70k+ tickets processed from 64 countries since Jan '18
  • GMV growing YoY: from £36K in 2016 to £946K in 2018
  • 491.73% growth in GMV in 2017 and 342.57% in 2018
  • Since Feb '19, 100+ new organisers sign up around the world per month
Information Helm Tickets has raised £56,000 prior to launching their campaign on Crowdcube which is represented on the progress bar for clarity. This investment is on the same terms as offered to Crowdcube investors. £56,000 will be spent during the course of the campaign


Helm Tickets enables organisers to create, manage and promote their events. Organisers can easily sign up and start selling tickets to an event in minutes. We provide organisers with a safe, secure and reliable platform. Our fees are competitive, transparent, and features are available to everyone.

• The events industry is worth an estimated £42.3 billion, with over 25,000 businesses in the UK events industry alone. We believe now is the time for a new event management platform to take charge.

• P&L as of July '19 -£202,578

• Increase in avg number organisers selling month-to-month up 10% YoY ('18 vs '19)

• We have an extensive product roadmap of features to help organisers

• We integrate heavily with Stripe - provides compliant global payment services & fast payout

Events aren't just about tickets, our features help to diversify revenue. From membership management, merchandising and even meeting room booking. Organisers registered include MTV, charity Dravet Syndrome UK, many colleges and universities, plus many others around the world

We’re raising investment to increase organiser acquisition, diversify advertising & marketing and continue developing our product. We aim for an exit within 3-5 years to a larger industry leader. We believe that now is the right time to invest in Helm Tickets, backing a transparent and competitive company in a multi-billion pound industry.

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Helm Tickets

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