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Happy Box is a smart B2B platform specialising in last mile deliveries. They are developing their own advanced Artificial Intelligence tech to offer the best instant delivery service for all kind of businesses. Currently running in 6 cities in Spain, they're seeking investment to accelerate growth worldwide.

  • 188% growth of net amount. Break even reached since July 18.
  • Running across 6 cities in Spain (Madrid, Barcelona, Málaga, etc.)
  • In 2018, we delivered over 65,000 parcels nationwide.
  • Developing our own AI tech to provide greater speed and flexibility.


Current last-mile delivery models tend to be complex, rigid and expensive. We all now expect fast delivery, as well as greater control over when and where we receive our packages.

At Happy Box we believe the solution relies in easing logistics, automating processes and driving customer satisfaction.

The delivery market is planned to increase worldwide by 20% over the next 2 years. We are already up and running across 6 cities in Spain and in 2018 we delivered over 65K parcels.

We are embracing this growing opportunity and making an impact with a clear and compelling value proposition that addresses the current market challenges:

1. We are continuously developing our own AI platform that allows us to automate processes and optimise delivery routes.

2. We have couriers with all kinds of vehicles.

3. We personalise the delivery experience by offering 24/7 live communication with our chatbot, real-time tracking, maximum flexibility and an extended delivery time.

Today, a significant driver of success for many businesses is their ability to execute in the last mile. At Happy Box, we enable any kind of business to deliver best in class delivery service.

Funds will be used to accelerate growth by improving our AI technology and our chatbot capabilities, landing key staff hires, opening new markets and intensifying targeted marketing.

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