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Successfully funded
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Backed by Centrica (British Gas) and mentored by Google, Verv has developed an intelligent energy assistant, smart home product, using high speed energy analytics and machine learning to bring existing appliances to life. With 6 patents filed, Verv has sold units to British Gas, EDF & Allianz.

  • Invested in by Centrica (Owner of British Gas), mentored by Google
  • No Smart plugs and no installer necessary
  • Govt. funding for creating a P2P, blockchain energy trading platform
  • 6 patents, 11 full time machine learning specialists, 27 employees


Verv's (Green Running Ltd) intelligent energy assistant has been designed with the aim to change the way we interact with the electrical devices in our home.

Verv's plug and play product samples your home electricity 1 million times a second (ahead of the government smart meter standards at every 5 to 10 seconds), creating an ultra-high resolution of your energy usage for Verv's energy monitoring AI to pinpoint each appliance turning on or off in your home.

These are just some of the ways Verv could benefit homes across the UK:

1) Being able to look at your electricity bill and see the exact cost/usage breakdown on every appliance in your home.

2) Automatically receiving an alert on your phone if a critical device has been left on for too long (e.g. hair straightener, iron) or if there is activity in your home when you're not there.

3) Being remotely alerted if an electrical appliance has broken down (e.g. a dishwasher), with the problem remotely diagnosed (i.e. new motor required).

4) Peace of mind that elderly relatives are safe (no significant change in routine - i.e. kettle being boiled in the morning) without being intrusive.

Verv has 1 granted patent for non-intrusive electrical monitoring at high speed, and a further 5 patents filed on novelties, ranging from better appliance detection, blockchain (a peer-to-peer energy trading platform) and new hardware.

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