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A nanotech startup, Graphene Composites aim to combine graphene with aerogel forming one of the strongest, lightest and most resilient materials ever. Targeting aircraft, cabling and vehicle/body protection industries to improve performance, GCL is raising funds to develop and patent the prototype.

  • Have a partnership with the Centre for Process Innovation (CPI)
  • Access to CPI's scientists and facilities will save time and money
  • Potential revenues generated from production licensing fees
  • Founded by a preeminent financial analyst


Graphene Composites Ltd (GCL) is a nanotechnology startup - we hope to combine graphene (the strongest known material, 100x stronger than steel) with aerogel (one of the lightest and best insulators/shock absorbers) to form a composite that we hope will be one of the strongest, lightest, most resilient materials ever made. Whilst there has been a great deal of work done on both graphene and aerogel, we believe we have conceived an innovative way to combine graphene with aerogel into a composite. We are targeting three main product/customer areas: (1) aircraft skins, (2) ultra-strong cables, and (3) vehicle/body armour. All of these are large markets, and we expect strong demand for GCL graphene/aerogel composites because they could significantly improve product performance in all of these areas. We intend to generate revenues from grant programmes for initial prototype development, and then from production licensing agreements once we have proven commercial viability. A key advantage that we have in developing our graphene/aerogel composite is a strong relationship with the government-funded Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) with whom agreements have been signed. This enables us to draw upon the experience of CPI's nanotechnology specialists, and gives us access to CPI's facilities (including their Graphene Application Innovation Centre). This will save both time and money.

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