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We combine graphene (world's strongest material/best conductor) and aerogel (lightest material/top insulator/shock absorber) to create high-performance composite armour, aerospace and renewable energy products. Our GC Shield™️ active shooter protection for schools leads our US market entry.

  • Graphene/aerogel composite technologies covered by patents pending
  • GC Shield™️ bullet/stab-proof technology extended to Shield Curtain
  • GC Shield™️ active shooter protection for US schools - huge potential
  • US expansion aims to counteract UK Brexit concerns


Our GC Shield™️ has our patent-pending graphene/aerogel composite inside; it stops powerful NATO M80 sniper and AR-15 assault rifle bullets and is half the weight of comparable shields. We have incorporated our GC Shield™️ technology into active shooter protection for schools, with our GC Shield Wall (which can protect groups) and our new GC Shield Curtain (which can protect school entrances and open-plan areas). Our main target market is the US, where protecting schools against active shooters is a top priority. As part of the UK trade mission to Boston in December and in a follow-up visit in January, we received strong support from politicians, police and school authorities, and have identified schools where Our GC Shield™️ active shooter protection technologies could be installed.

The cost of our GC Shield active shooter protection could range from $16,000 (for a standard Shield Wall pack of ten shields) to $1m per school (for GC Shield Wall packs in classrooms/offices and Shield Curtains at entrances and in the cafeteria/gym). There are several thousand schools in New England alone.

Importantly, our expansion into the US represents not only significant revenue and profit potential, but more importantly, the opportunity to make a real contribution to public safety. We also expect our US growth will counteract concerns about Brexit in the UK.

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