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GoCustomate aims to remove the pain points for SME's when buying and selling by completely changing the way transactions occur. It verifies users, provides flexible escrow wallets, automated payment schedules and protects you and your customers with your own unique digital wallets.

  • Completed platform in January 2020, now live with active customers
  • Licenced to use third-party eMoney authorization from the Central Bank of Ireland
  • From January 2020 in 4 European countries, scalable internationally
  • Strong international management team with deep payments experience


UK SME’s are owed £14.9 billion in late payments at any time because transactions lack simple mechanisms to verify counterparts, agree terms & upload documents, automate payments & collections and safeguard funds pending milestones. Sellers take credit risk by invoicing 'after the fact', waste time chasing and reconciling payments. Customers are often surprised by the final invoice, prevented from using a preferred funding method, face expiring cards, forgotten payments, "push pay" scams and recurring payment scams.

Gocustomate's fintech platform which launched in January in 4 European countries, aims to solve these problems and allows SME's to trade with trust by automating the following features:

1 - Providing unique customer wallets, acting as a firewall between each party's own bank.

2 - Digital escrow wallets to agree terms & safeguard funds pending agreed milestones.

3 - Automated payment schedules for collection & receipts - recurring / one-time with backup funding sources.

And many other features including white-listing payees, real-time verifications, sub-users and notifications.

Our fees are generated real-time, customisable on transaction volumes or replaced by subscription charges for larger clients.

We are fundraising to grow sales, focusing on SME customers with relevant pain points. Funds will be spent on product development and expanding across EU and Australia.

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