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Gigride aims to be the UK’s leading platform connecting bands with venues looking for bands. With over 6,000 acts and 600 event organisers booking over 50 performances a month reaching 80 in June 2019, Gigride is attempting to prove an entirely new business model for the live music industry.

  • The company estimates 1% of UK live music is represented on Gigride
  • Only platform identified to list attendance of bands’ previous shows
  • Currently pre-revenue with 3 piloted business models
  • Founding member of London-based music incubator, The Rattle


Gigride - effortless gig management for bands and venues.

Current industry practice is to trawl Social Media to match musicians, gigs and locations. Attendance can be based on guesswork. This exposes venues to the risk of poor bar sales, compromises promoter reputation and demoralises bands.

Gigride aims to enable organisers to make informed booking decisions and boost revenues by maximising attendance. Artists can find gig opportunities anywhere suiting their audience and enhancing their career.

Live music is one of the fastest growing sectors in the £4.5bn music industry. The 480k+ independent UK performances in 2018 had 9.5m visits. Gig-goers spend up to 50% more at the bar than other customers and venues are 3x more likely to go out of business without live shows. Gigride aims to offer a service to bring the UK’s estimated 500k bands, 130k music venues, and 30k promoters together in one online marketplace.

Our initial business model will be subscription-based for hosts, providing a decision support system (DSS). We’ve piloted two further revenue streams based on a % of bar takings and turnover from affiliate services. Gigride is initially focusing on capturing the bookings market before perfecting a longer-term business model.

Building on the fundamental need of boosting live show potential for everyone, Gigride is designed as a one-stop shop for artists. Join the band.

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