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Pre-money valuation
£6,000,000 is a secure and private DNA data storage and sharing application aiming to resolve the problem of DNA data breach and exploitation by allowing users to sequence, store, manage and commercialise their genomic data. We are raising investment to bring our B2C and B2B products to market.

  • Own and secure your genome in your DNA Vault
  • In conversations with pharma/biotech co's to establish partnerships
  • Consensys Labs Tachyon II Accelerator 2019 member
  • Tech stack integrating SEV and blockchain technologies
Information This pitch is a replacement for the previous September pitch. TenX Health, who originally invested £800,000 are not able to complete their investment before Q2 2020. As a result, the previous pitch has been cancelled and no funds taken. TenX Health have expressed a wish to continue with their investment, although this is not guaranteed


We see that your DNA data is the most valuable piece of personal information you will ever own. However, as soon as you have your DNA tested you lose privacy, ownership and control of it. DNA testing companies sell consumer DNA data to large pharmaceutical companies in multimillion dollar deals, share it with law enforcement, and are increasingly liable to data security hacks/breaches. This is irresponsible.

We have developed a security technology that empowers users to take back control of their DNA data. Users can own and secure their DNA data in their personal ‘DNA Vault’ and control access to it from their mobile device. No one is able to access these fully encrypted virtual machines (including our team), until explicit permission is granted by the individual 'private key' holder. Even when granting third-party access, raw user data never leaves this secure storage environment.

B2C Product

Purchase DNA sequencing or upload pre-existing DNA data to claim full ownership and security. Privately explore your genome, earn interest when granting third-party access and have a fully transparent audit log of data use.

B2B Product

Aim to develop technology partnerships with rare disease organisations, population sequencing initiatives, and pharma and biotech companies, allowing their researchers to benefit from having better access to genomic data, while protecting individual data owners.

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