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Aiming to resolve the problem of DNA data breach & exploitation by providing individual users with a technology to sequence, store, manage & commercialise their genomic data. We will help users to protect the most valuable piece of private information they will ever possess: their DNA data.

  • A tech start-up in the rapidly evolving Genome Management marketplace
  • A robust, decentralised, blockchain technology
  • An ambition to engage with pharmaceutical companies and research organisations
  • Giving individuals control over their DNA data


Sequencing of human genomes is rapidly becoming an affordable technology for general consumers.

The drop in operational costs for this technology, combined with the enormous potential for personalised medicine, means that we are looking at a future where all of humanity, all 7B+ people could have their genomes sequenced. The potential for exploitation of people’s personal genomic data is, therefore, a huge concern.

Securely storing genomes in a query-able way is an unrealised necessity that with blockchain technology is now realisable. aims to sequence 1 billion genomes and to provide private and secure B2C and B2B product services, such as our marketplace and store, on top of them. We are developing decentralised technology which uses proof of computations to perform queries on the human genome, without compromising any of the genomic sequence itself, safeguarding the data and privacy of our individual users at all times.

We have recently been acknowledged as 1 of the 5 hottest start-ups in Genome Data Management and received collaborative requests from a number of parties in the market.

We are raising a £50k investment to further advance our technology so our users are always able to safely manage their genomic data and to achieve our commercial objectives working as a Genome Data Management tool with partners in the Pharmaceutical and Research field.

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