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FutureDJs is remixing music education in the UK by teaching 11-16-year-olds DJing and electronic music production at their schools, in line with the introduction of DJing into the national curriculum. With the electronic music market growing YoY, FutureDJs is a business with big social impact on young people.

  • Exclusive partnership with Pioneer DJ
  • Supported by Virgin Start Up
  • Former Commercial Director of Trainline as Non-Exec Director
  • Worldwide book publishing deal with Faber Music
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FutureDJs is striving to transform music education by pioneering a new programme to support recent changes in the UK national school curriculum and reverse a sharp decline in music education, making music accessible and relevant to all young people.

FutureDJs was founded when the UK examination boards recognised DJ decks as formal instruments. Despite wide interest from students, very few teachers have the practical skill, knowledge or resources to deliver lessons. We bridge this gap by sending our own visiting music tutors into secondary schools nationwide, in exactly the same way as traditional instrument tutors.

Our team, including professional DJs, have developed a bespoke programme of study, taught in 20-30 minute lessons in both comprehensive & independent schools.

There are 2.7m 11-16 yr olds across the UK’s 6,900 schools. Every one of them has the potential to join us and experience a new, exciting route into music education. 400,000 new students become eligible for the programme every year.

Although international expansion and the introduction of further courses are on the horizon, this round of funding will be used to invest in the team and talent growth needed to take the business to the next stage, new students wins, development of our online platforms, and an online video series.

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