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Fullgreen are makers of Cauli Rice™, patent-protected low-calorie rice replacement. Now found in over 3,000 supermarkets & ranked 10th biggest rice brand in the UK. New products include Sweet Potato rice and a Cauli Rice with Broccoli. 2018 launches include US retailers Walmart, Wegmans & Kroger

  • Global patent & international trademark protection
  • Ranked 10th largest rice brand in the UK 2017
  • Selling in over 3,000 UK supermarkets
  • Scheduled launch in US retailers including Wegmans, Kroger & Walmart


In September 2015 we launched Cauli Rice™ in the UK as a low-calorie, vegetable-based alternative to rice. Since then, we have seen continued year-on-year revenue growth (see image 1).

Even as we grew to over 3000 stores in 2017, the average rate of sale per store remained steady despite being more widely available. Note: Peaks seen in the graph are due to price promotions. (See Image 2)

Looking at our performance since launch, Cauli Rice has increased in both sales as well as gross profit. (See Image 3)

This steady growth has resulted in Cauli Rice breaking into the Top 10 rice brands, outselling Seeds of Change (Mars) and Merchant Gourmet (Leathams). (See Image 4)

Our Patented technology allows us to produce the only ambient cauliflower rice in the world – giving us an opportunity to launch this innovation into other markets outside the UK.

After the success of Cauli Rice, we rebranded as Fullgreen™ in October 2017 and expanded our offering to include other low-carb, veg-based rice alternatives. These are scheduled for launch by Nov 2017 in both the UK & USA (in major retailers including Kroger stores, Wegmans & Walmart). (See Image 5)

The capital raised will be used to fund the sales and marketing needed to launch in the USA.

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