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Makers of the world’s 1st shelf stable Cauli Rice™ with 89% less carbs than rice & covered by a Global Patent. 5 million Fullgreen products have been sold to date through all major UK stores & large US retailers like Walmart. New innovations include Cauli Risottos & an exciting Plant Based Breakfast

  • Our proprietary technology is protected by a 20-year Global Patent
  • Stockists include:Walmart, Wegmans, Kroger & all major UK supermarkets
  • $4.5m dedicated US factory now open to support national expansion
  • 2019 innovations include Cauli Risottos & a Plant Based Breakfast


In September 2015 we launched the world's first shelf-stable Cauli Rice™.

3.5 years on we're now in all major UK supermarkets and 2,000+ of the US largest retailers with our Cauli and Vegi Rice range. We've sold 5 million pouches with further sales limited only by the capacity of our UK factory that couldn't keep up with demand.

In 2019 our $4.5 million US production line was switched on. Our US manufacturer is committed to continually grow production capacity to support our nationwide expansion; shoulder cost of goods (purchasing materials as far as 6 months ahead); and provide us with 45 day payment terms (allowing us to be paid before paying our suppliers) - minimizing working capital requirements for a big US launch.

We're relaunching in a great new pack design that shows Fullgreen’s joyful & vibrant personality.

And introducing 2 exciting new innovations using our patented technology and machinery:

Riced&Co are rich, creamy & 100% vegan cauli risottos. They are ready to eat, full meal products that offer increased convenience and taste versus the basic riced cauliflower range.

And another world first: a plant-based breakfast innovation to break into the high-carb high-sugar £10 billion breakfast category. Nutritious, 100% plant-based, dairy-free and grain-free with less than half the calories and carbs of other breakfast products - and also count as 2 of your 5 a day.

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