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Freetrade makes investing simple and free. An FCA-regulated stockbroker, their app is now available on iOS and Android in the UK with plans to launch in Europe. Following a record-breaking crowdfund in April 2019, they are raising again to supercharge their growth.

  • 30,000+ customers, up 100% since the beginning of April
  • British Banking Awards and Consumer Investment Awards 2019 winners
  • A team from Google, Amazon, Deliveroo, Snap Inc etc.
  • Building the Freetrade platform and planning EU expansion


Freetrade is a beautiful, zero-fee investment app.

In our opinion, the investing industry doesn’t work well for most current or future investors. Commissions are high and products are clunky. It can be complicated to start investing for the first time.

We open up stock market investing to everyone, with zero fees and modern, intuitive design.

We built a serverless, mobile-optimised tech stack which can scale to millions of customers. It means we can offer our basic service for free.

We have a freemium model, only charging for the extras our customers want.

Our last record-breaking Crowdcube raise was in April 2019, Crowdcube received unprecedented demand from people logging in to invest in Freetrade and we raised £2m in an incredibly short amount of time.

Since the beginning of April, we've grown our customer number by 100% to over 30,000 and since our raise have shipped features like Apple Pay top-ups, Filters and Collections.

We've also won two more awards at the Consumer Investment Awards and the Good Money Guide.

We’re raising now to ramp up our customer acquisition and engineering.

Finally, 30% of our waitlist signed up from outside of the UK. The raise will support our expansion into the EU.

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To see the rest of the Freetrade pitch, join now.
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