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Flexi Hex
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Started in 2018, Flexi-Hex provide a patented design allowing for a plastic-free solution to the $756 billion protective packaging industry. The award-winning product is already distributed in 19 countries with 158% YoY growth in sales. Backed by Sky Ocean Ventures.

  • Patented design granted to provide a plastic free packaging solution
  • Lead investment by Sky Ocean Ventures and an Innovate UK grant
  • Aiming to disrupt the $756 billion protective packaging industry
  • 154,000 sleeves sold across 19 countries with YoY growth of 158%


Flexi-Hex is an innovative, sustainable, paper-based, protective packaging material designed to replace single-use plastic packaging for various products across many industries. Flexi-Hex is made from recycled paper pulp and is curbside recyclable and biodegradable. The global protective packaging market Flexi-Hex is operating in is worth $756bn annually.

We first launched as a solution for the board sports niche, then the drinks market, but the potential applications for the product are far-reaching. Since first trading in 2018, we have initially experienced rapid growth; Flexi-Hex is currently distributed in 19 countries and, to date, 154,000 units have been sold (removing the equivalent of 389km of bubble wrap, equivalent from London to Paris!). Sales growth of 158% to £216,245 YE 2019 (Loss £116,281). Scalable operations are in place for production to meet demand.

Flexi-Hex has secured lead investment from Sky Ocean Ventures and a grant from Innovate UK. We have won industry awards, including The Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Re-Innovation Award 2019 and The Eco Pack Challenge.

Flexi-Hex's growth plan includes extending our product offering beyond boardsports and drinks into new markets: Automotive, Cosmetic, Electronic, Pharmaceutical, Homeware, broadening our distribution network and initiating global licensing agreements making use of pending International Patents.

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Flexi Hex

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