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Successfully funded
Fleksy Keyboard
Pre-money valuation

Designed with the aim of being the world’s most fun, efficient, and private content access keyboard, Fleksy Keyboard gives users instant access to content in any app without having to leave their existing conversation. Used to set the Guinness World Record for the fastest text message ever written.

  • 11M downloads, 750k monthly active users, available in 45 languages
  • 68% user retention, 10 million words typed per week
  • Mobile app market: $87bn in 2017, projected at $189bn by 2020
  • Working with Yelp, Qwant, Skyscanner & handset manufacturers (Android)
Information Fleksy is also raising funds on a USA based crowdfunding platform, and the progress bar includes £30,650 raised in the USA. Investors in the USA will receive Preferred Shares (which carry a 1x preference on liquidation or exit). The offering on Crowdcube is neither made, nor is available, to residents of the USA


Fleksy by Thingthing Ltd, a dynamic and customisable keyboard is compatible with all favourite apps, allowing users to type on WhatsApp, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Telegram and thousands more, all without having to leave their current app. Fleksy lets users easily find images, videos, songs and other files, all in one place while chatting, emailing or taking notes.

Crucially, user data stays 100% private – data is processed on the device itself, and stays there. In fact, our privacy, as well as our efficiency and ease of use, have seen Fleksy licensed to smartphone manufacturers, distributed to government entities, and win numerous awards.

With 175bn global app downloads, 550 million devices and with $86bn of consumer spending in 2017, mobile software is a huge global market. However, it’s harder than ever for second-tier handset manufacturers – which represent approximately 40% of the Android market – to compete and make a profit with hardware alone.

Handset manufacturers could increase their revenue with Fleksy.

We’ll use any new funds with the aim of streamlining Fleksy and look to boost our work with manufacturers, governments & security agencies.

Core IP of Fleksy Keyboard used by Thingthing Ltd is used under an exclusive licence agreement with Fleksy Inc. Ownership of said IP will transfer to Thingthing Ltd provided full payment of the purchase price is made no later than 17/11/18.

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Fleksy Keyboard

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