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FavourUp is designed to solve the problem that brands spend lots of time and money working with social media influencers, but usually get only one-off exposure. FavourUp helps brands extend influencers’ impact by aggregating brands’ influencer endorsement, and showcasing it on their website.

  • Have 6 fashion brands on board
  • Been through FashTech Pioneer [email protected] for Fashion Enterprise
  • Finalist at 3 business awards, and featured in Business Quarter Mag
  • Raised a £11k grant from the Taiwanese government


The FavourUp web platform helps brands & their agencies extend the impact of social media influencers.

Many fashion brands are investing up to £50k in one-off influencer posts on social media, but these posts quickly disappear from view, being pushed down users feeds by new posts. This makes collecting & showcasing influencer-generated content problematic for brands & their agencies. With a 4x market increase expected by 2020, the problem will increase.

FavourUp aggregates influencer-generated content and showcases it on a brand’s e-commerce website. We believe this increases customer awareness of a brand’s influencer endorsement, increasing sales. By tracking how customers interact with influencer-generated content, we help them to identify who their best brand ambassadors are and allocate their marketing budget in the right places.

Since launch in 2017, we have six brands trialing the platform and are now ready to start working with agencies. We have been selected as finalists in business competitions such as The Startup Series, TechPitch 4.5, and DigitalDNA. We were selected by Centre for Fashion Enterprise as one of ‘FashTech Pioneers’ and have received media coverage from Business Weekly and Business Quarter Magazine.

FavourUp also publishes its own high-end digital magazine, which has been accredited by British Fashion Council for London Fashion Week.

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