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Exeter Gin & Granny Garbutt's Gin
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Exeter Gin produce two distinct trademarked brands of artisan gin; encompassing a range of five products, giving Exeter its own city gin. Having sold over 4,000 bottles and 4,500 miniatures in the first 10 months, Exeter Gin is now seeking to diversify the product range and increase capacity.

  • Supplying to local Waitrose stores, St Austell Brewery and LWC.
  • Gin is a £1.9B industry in the UK. Predicted growth by 2021 over 37%.
  • Potential to grow via online, retail, export, trade and distributors
  • Aiming to exit by a trade sale in 5-7 years.


Here at Exeter Gin, we noticed that Exeter did not have its own city-branded gin. To fill this gap, we’ve produced two distinct brands, Exeter Gin and Granny Garbutt's. Across these brands we have 5 products; a London Dry and Navy Strength per brand, plus a Rhubarb Gin under the Granny Garbutt’s brand.

Launched in August 2017, we were advised to expect sales of 500 bottles in our first year. Despite targeting a sales total of 1000 bottles, demand for our product saw us sell over 4000 bottles and 4,500 miniatures within 10 months.

We are stocked in regional Waitrose stores (6 months after launch), supply St Austell Brewery and major distributor LWC amongst others.

We have yet to fully untap growth opportunities via gin tours, our website, international exportation, and other sales outlets. With larger equipment, we could maximise economies of scale by reducing our overall costs. We feel that stock diversification into the seasonal gifting market will provide further growth opportunities. We plan to produce a Sloe version of Exeter Gin before Christmas!

Our achievements to date have been highlighted with awards from Exeter Living (Best Newcomer) and Grow Exeter Magazine. Rawlings of Bristol showcase us on their site for innovation & branding. Exeter City Council take our gin to UK and European Tourism Shows.

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Exeter Gin & Granny Garbutt's Gin

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