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ePOS Hybrid
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ePOS Hybrid has created a fully connected ePOS platform for hospitality food businesses. It aims to enable efficient operations, eliminate dependency on 3rd party delivery apps and transform customer experience. Since launch in 2019, over 200 B2B customers have used its tech to process 402,000+ orders.

  • We’ve scaled from 0 to 200 customers in only 8 months
  • Our SaaS subscription starts at £432 per annum
  • 40% profit share agreement with a payment integration partner
  • We’ve secured an enterprise customer with locations throughout the UK


Innovation within the hospitality and takeaway food market is continually changing the way we eat out, as well as how we order food online. As technology evolves, our expectations of service and demand for new experiences is growing with it. Yet, a recent study found that 62% of operators doubt they can keep up with the technological advancements.

They often struggle to meet consumer demand, fail to operate efficiently and are becoming reliant on 3rd parties such as JustEat and Deliveroo, who break the consumer-business relationship and threaten profitability with high commissions.

We’ve created an innovative, cloud-based ePOS solution that connects order and kitchen management, mobile & online ordering, self-checkouts and delivery systems. We've integrated these multiple business areas into a single, easy-to-use smart platform, which seamlessly syncs data and empowers businesses to better-serve eat-in, home delivery, takeaway and drive-thru customers. Our platform is fully modular, allowing customers to add new hardware or software functionality as they grow.

Since launch in April 2019 we’ve seen increased demand, scaling from 0 to 200 clients. We've created 3 independent revenue streams: hardware sales, SaaS subscriptions, as well as profit share agreements with our hardware partners by up to 40%.

Investment will enable us to scale our sales and marketing to accelerate growth.

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ePOS Hybrid

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