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To reduce ocean plastic and deforestation, we must convert to sustainable alternatives. Instead of using wood-fibre and plastic, envoPAP creates award-winning printing and packaging materials from agricultural waste. Started in 2015, the company has achieved £7.3m+ in revenues across 45 countries.

  • Certified B Corporation, saving an estimated 760,000 trees so far
  • Generated revenues of £7.3 million across 45 countries
  • CAGR of 21% in the last 4 years to £1,368,226 YE 2019 (Profit £58,816)
  • Backed by leading investors L’Oréal and M&S (through Founders Factory)


If deforestation is already a problem, why is the world trying to eradicate the plastic plague with paper? Greater demand for paper would mean cutting down more trees. Seeing this solution as problematic, envoPAP was started by Kaushal Shah while he was studying at the University of Southampton in 2015. He found inspiration in India, where he began to consider revised production methods of creating printing paper made from agricultural waste.

Key milestones include:

- In 2016-2017, envoPAP achieved more than £1 million in revenue.

- In 2018, envoPAP decided to attempt to innovate its material to fight another major environmental problem: plastic.

- In 2019, envoPAP introduced an 'envoBarrier’- material resistant to oil, water and grease that won the 'Packaging Innovation of the Year' at the Business Green Technology Awards.

- In 2020, envoPAP became a proudly certified B Corporation.

The EU has announced a ban on some single-use plastic products with effect from 2021 and the European packaging market alone is worth over £100 billion. We believe envoPAP is well positioned to serve the resulting demand with its products, to pave the way to a better tomorrow. We are raising money to develop products, protect our IP, expand the team and take sustainability to uncharted territories.

We are ready for a better future and welcome you to join us on this exciting journey.

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