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Operating in a market worth c. £7 billion, Elifinty has developed a money app that aims to transform the way people interact with charities, banks and other institutions. Identifying the magnitude of financial problems, the AI powered digital platform gives relief to all actors involved.

  • 70+ years of combined experience in the financial industry
  • Artificial intelligence enhanced service
  • Top 50 Vodafone Techstarter 2018-2019
  • Certified Social Enterprise for Good (Social Enterprise UK)


Elifinty is a company born out of necessity. The financial situation of people across the UK is untenable, with 25 million (50%) of the population being financially vulnerable. This includes nurses, students, postmen, teachers - anyone living paycheck to paycheck - because a single financial event can throw their lives into chaos. With the latest technology and taking advantage of new regulations, Elifinty is looking to change this.

Elifinty puts people first with a simple, user-friendly platform, which has the potential to connect consumers, banks, credit unions, debt advisors, charities and government agencies. These organisations can eliminate inefficiencies, improve consumer engagement and client financial stability.

Among the many tools, Elifinty provides Account management, Expense management, Debt management, Behavioural management, Artificial intelligence enhanced service and Financial education. The platform is highly secure with 256-bit encryption end-to-end and GDPR compliant. The platform is available for desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

Elifinty has partnered with organisations that look to improve financial stability and this allows for extensive and targeted reach.

Elifinty aims to bridge the gap between all stakeholders, providing benefit for everyone. Aim is to further develop the platform and reach more partners with this Crowdfunding campaign.

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