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Aiming to transform childcare experiences in a $100bn industry, EcoPrams are raising capital for their production and launch plans. EcoPrams' forward-thinking, multi-functional stroller technology combines a safe swing-seat, shopping basket & toy, engineered to address both parent & baby needs.

  • On a mission to disrupt the pram industry with patented technology
  • Proof of product established through a series of prototypes
  • Green Channel Patent granted for its storage solution
  • British designed stroller with innovations at its core


Recognising the daily frustrations of shopping and traveling with a baby, EcoPrams developed a unique baby products brand that has a competitive edge in a market estimated to be worth over $121bn. The company is raising funds to launch their first pram-system, EcoSwingi, to address challenges parents face every day, seeking to encompass emotional and practical needs. Striving to be the leader in innovation, their focus is to deliver a globally recognised brand for parents.

EcoSwingi is a smart blend of innovations:

- Integrated swinging seat, allowing gentle & safe rotations of up to 75°, providing a balance of stimuli & comfort.

- An in-built play solution keeping baby entertained & to maintain eye-coordination.

- A detachable & eye-level storage unit for effortless shopping experiences & cutting the use of bags.

Netmums, one of the biggest parenting digital-brands with 1.5m social followers, describes it as ‘genius’.

EcoPrams plans to manufacture in China, distributing using e-commerce and position-marketing-plans through large internet retail-outlets and independent stores worldwide.

The company aspires to deliver a globally recognised brand that provides easy, functional, streamlined and contemporary prams.

Green Channel Patent & further patents granted.

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