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E-Sign is an electronic signature service providing secure, encrypted document storage facilities with full audit trail and digital signatory ID validation. The company has achieved 300% annual turnover increase for the last 3 years and is a UK government registered digital strategies specialist.

  • Appointed as a UK Crown Commercial Supplier
  • Average of 19% monthly user growth over the last 12 months 
  • The market is projected to hit $2.9bn by 2023, with 21.4% CAGR
  • Electronic signatures are becoming the de-facto signing method
Information The entrepreneur has extended their overfunding target, and so the pitch was reactivated from it's original funding on the 9th April. The pitch will now expire at midnight on the 24th April unless the momentum continues and it is extended again.


The global electronic signature market is forecast to grow at 21.4% CAGR in The next 5 years and is projected to hit $2.9bn by 2023. Electronic signature adoption is accelerating with more industries taking advantage of The benefits. It is expected electronic signatures will become The de-facto method of signing most documents.

The key benefits of electronic signatures are a significant improvement in turnaround time, cost savings (postage, paper, printing, and storage etc). Additionally, There are substantial savings in carbon emissions by helping private and public organisations to move to a full digital document process using electronic signatures.

Market Traction

Since 2013, E-Sign has achieved consistent revenue growth, with over 300% compound annual growth over the last 3 years, significantly above market growth during this period.

During 2014-17, E-Sign has achieved average customer increase of 10% per month, and new customer growth has accelerated to an average of 19% per month since commencing a marketing programme in March 2017. We have recently secured a convertible loan commitment for £225k on a staged basis dependent on certain conditions, which has helped with capital requirements, but we would still like to involve The crowd in this funding round.

E-Sign is an appointed UK Crown Commercial Supplier and a registered digital strategy specialist for The UK government.

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