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Figaroo connects invite-only club goers with club promoters, allowing access to VIP experiences in clubs. Members can share their table together with other exclusive members and pay, all via Figaroo! MVP is live with 835 access requests and discussion to expand into 20 cities.

  • Tech solution for an est 60% of nightclub spending and 130k+ promoters
  • Increases VIP table expenditure and frequency by gathering customers
  • Simple business concept & survey indicates 82% demand for this service
  • In discussions regarding expansion in to 20 cities


Sitting at a VIP table makes clubbing a luxury and memorable experience, but this is not always affordable or accessible for those without the right connections. Figaroo allows invite-only clubbers to connect with each other and the promoters that manage VIP tables. This allows them to enjoy exclusive experiences and split the costs, whilst giving promoters a competitive edge.

Our research suggests that 60% of nightclub revenues come from VIP tables and that VIP clubbing lacks a tech solution to maximise these opportunities. Figaroo is invitation only, and will be able to profile and engage the high-net-worth individuals that frequent VIP areas, contributing towards the spend in this $25bn industry.

Initial interest from potential members includes top nightlife spenders across the world selected by the founder, & the best clients of promoters. Figaroo will be able to understand how often they go out, their spending habits and the cities & clubs they visit.

Such data could be used to generate statistics likely to interest large industry players & competitors seeking to grow their market, which creates many exit opportunities.

We’ll use new funds to develop software and expand into Milan and Madrid.


- MVP live

- Initial agreements in place for work in 20 cities worldwide

- Gained 835 access requests from users to date

- Selected by the UKBAA to present at Global Summit, 2018

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