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Drop Bear Beer Co.
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Drop Bear Beer Co. aims to disrupt the alcohol-free brewing industry with their <0.5% ABV craft beers. Their launch in May 2019 was a success, experiencing sales of over 3000 units in the first month alone. They are raising funds to match the demand in the UK market and to explore export.

  • Winners of Wales Start-Up of the Year Awards 2019  
  • 2 of the top 35 business women under 35 in Wales
  • The only female-run alcohol-free craft beer company  
  • UK sales of non-alcoholic beverages are up 39% from April 2018-19


Traditionally, alcohol-free beers have been negatively considered as the boring cousins of 'real' beer.

Not any more.

In 2015, 29% of 18-24 year olds in the UK were teetotal and around 84% of global drinkers want to reduce or moderate their consumption of alcohol. The UK ‘no and low’ category is growing at a vast rate and is currently worth £42.5m, up 29.2% annually.

We aim to disrupt and excite the alcohol-free beer market. Two of our craft beers are currently available and each bottle caters to many by being gluten-free, vegan, and the lowest calorie alcohol-free beer on the market.

Our stout will launch in Autumn, and the 4th and final core product, a craft lager, will follow in 2020, resulting in an offering that caters to all tastes.

Without an advertising budget, we have gained media attention and impressive sales. Sales projections for June were 1,008 bottles, and we sold 3,078, exceeding our expectations (P&L of -£7.6k). We have had interest for the next brew. We now need to continue building the brand and brew bigger and more frequently.

We are more than a beer, we are an attitude!

We aim to use funds for:

- Finalise core range within 12 months

- Scale-up production, lowering COGS

- Make range available in cans

- Large brand-building campaign

- Event sponsorship (Dry January)

- Business development campaign

- Explore first export opportunity

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Drop Bear Beer Co.

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