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Drone Ag
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Drone Ag is making farming more productive with less environmental impact through a new, practical approach to drone automation and AI technology. With a team made up of farmers who know drones, the business is moving into software, raising investment to develop its new platform, Skippy Scout.

  • Industry coverage inc Farmers Weekly, Precise & Crop Production Mag
  • Skippy Scout trial app launched with over 200 users registered to trial
  • The global agricultural drone market is expected to grow at CAGR of 30.2% between 2017-2024
  • Food production will have to increase by 70% by 2050 (FAO)


In the last 3yrs, we've provided hardware & market-leading training to clients such as Yara, Syngenta, agronomy firms and farmers. Our training courses are BASIS registered & LANTRA certified & we work closely with institutions such as Harper Adams University.

Agriculture needs to feed a growing global population while reducing environmental impact - drones have huge potential to help do that. However, our research shows that current options are time-consuming & typically generate far more data than practical in current farm practices. Born out of experience & insight, our new software platform 'Skippy Scout' aims to change this.

Distinctively, the app automates leaf-level crop data collection using drones & interprets it in real-time using AI. We calculate this to be at least 5x faster than other methods. Skippy works within current farm practices & crucially allows more informed and targeted decisions to be made faster.

Faster crop scouting leads to better control of pests & nutrition, reducing costs & chemical use, ultimately increasing yields.

The trial app is working, with over 200 farmers and agronomists signed up to test it. Once launched, the commercial version will run as SaaS, with 2 subscription tiers for farmers & crop consultants.

Next, we aim to develop full AI integration & live mapping that exports to farm machinery, allowing targeted applications only where needed.

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Drone Ag

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