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DocuChain’s SaaS platform allows businesses, customers & regulators to authenticate physical assets, mission-critical processes & people via embedded NFCs linked to encrypted archives. Secured Licenses with TALL Group (secure payments) & SCC plc (IoT). Pilot request from a FTSE100 packaging company for pharma application demo.

  • Licensee, TALL Group launches secure document & data service for banks
  • Pilot request from a FTSE100 packaging company for pharma application demo 
  • Working with PragmatIC (founded by ARM & Avery Dennison) to support NFC demos
  • 13 NDAs for knowledge sharing: FTSE, NYSE, NASDAQ, Big4 audit companies
Information £30,000 of the funds displayed on the progress bar have been drawn down by Docuchain ahead of the close of the round. These funds may be spent prior to completion


Timeline: Founded Q1 2018; patent pending app & product demo Q3 2018; Crowdcube raise Q2 2019 used for MVP & Chain of Custody launch on AWS Q4 2019, aiming to address important business functionality identified by channels:

• Linking Physical & Logical Domains using “Artefact Gateways”: NFC & RFID integrated circuits, nanoparticles, biomarkers & other readable elements.

• Hosting affinity data: identity, title, location, certifications, video clips, telemetry, etc.

• Archiving User Activity & Data in hashed databases for Audit, providing a Single Source of Truth.

• Ensuring best practice, regulatory compliance, sustainability & certifications are: rigorously followed; up to date; conducted by qualified personnel.

Chain of Custody licensee benefits:

1. Real-time access to data & outcomes

2. Assured data veracity

3. Optimisation of processes & decisions

4. Compliance with governance & regulations

5. Customer loyalty & engagement

6. Audit trail.

We believe it is highly scalable using global channels, who deploy to existing customers. Packaging, Supply Chain, Sustainability, QA, IoT, Document markets are each high-growth, multi-billion dollar markets for our channels.

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