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In 2018 we submitted a UK patent for our Chain of Custody (CoC) service. CoC archives business processes, people and supporting data in blockchains. Android and iOS apps authenticate CoCs using Near Field Communications chips in polyolefin documents.

  • Launch application, Chain of Custody in September 2018.
  • Chain of Custody UK patent application submitted in July, 2018.
  • Launched with the use of artifacts embedded with Near Field Communications in Oct 2018
  • On-going discussions around pilots with 5 global technology integrators


DocuChain has created its 4Trust Platform to connect the physical and virtual worlds in a secure, permissioned domain, where information is decentralised, managed by consensus and is computationally trustworthy using ledge technologies such as blockchain.

4Trust users can define, archive and authenticate business performance processes, related data and participating people in real time in Linux Foundation HyperLedger blockchains. Android, iOS and Windows applications authenticate data sources via encrypted Artifacts. Artifacts are powered by Near Field Communication chips and include: documents plus tags, tokens, labels (embedded in finished goods) and electronic messages for mission-critical processes. This application is called a Chain of Custody.

Artifacts and Annual Licence Fees - for every Chain of Custody -could provide the opportunity for recurring B2B revenue for DocuChain.

We believe that 4Trust removes cost, uncertainty and disputes, while authenticating people, data and processes in real time with mobile apps to ensure trustworthy transactions!

We have had previous discussions with five global organisations and aim to meet the investment and operational requirements of markets including; manufacturing, aviation, offshore energy, utilities, luxury goods, premium spirits, financial services and government documents.

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